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​‘There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out’ – Charles Bukowski

Move more freely in the world – try my signature class, The Friday Flow, for free and experience the benefits of embodied yoga for yourself.


Embodied Yoga in Liverpool and Online

Hi there, I’m Charley Walker, creator of Bluebird Yoga. 

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a yoga practice that will help you slow down, tune in to your body and breath, and move with greater ease.

Discover a yoga practice that’s joyful and meaningful.


My mission is to help you find greater freedom in your body and discover new ways of moving which feel good, on and off the mat.


What Bluebird Yoga is not is a high-intensity workout or acrobatics class. In weekly classes, courses, and workshops you’ll be encouraged to slow down and pay attention to your own felt sensations, and you’ll be empowered to make your own choices in poses and movements.

Start your Embodied Yoga Journey


I’m excited for you to start your journey towards an embodied yoga practice that will allow you to come home to your body.


Movement is the greatest gift we can give to our bodies, and I’m here to guide you into a new relationship with yours that might just take you places you didn’t expect.

You can read more about my journey towards an embodied practice, as well as my training and accreditation.

Or, try a free embodied yoga class today, or find out more about my weekly classes and offerings.

"Life isn't about finding yourself...
it's about
creating yourself."

 - Bob Dylan

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Beginner's Yoga Course

"Charley is patient and sensitive to the individual needs of students. Her classes are a perfect balance between quiet meditation and a real sense of fun, rediscovering the joy of play."


Friday Flow Class

"Charley's classes are one of my favourite parts of the week... Her instructions are elusively simple, and every now and then she drops an idea that makes me re-see my body and the way I move through the world."

Friday Flow Class

"I have learned a lot from practicing with Charley - greater strength, improved balance and a sense of calm. She keeps encouraging us with her gentle, hopeful yoga. I feel connected, and that is priceless.​"


Create Your Embodied Yoga Practice

Discover how embodied movement and creativity go hand-in-hand for a powerful, meaningful life.

I want to inspire you to move in new ways and ask yourself interesting questions, like:


  • Who is my yoga practice for?​

  • How do I want to move through the world?

  • Who am I becoming through my yoga practice?​

  • And more!​

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Charley x


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"We read to know

we are not alone."

 - C.S. Lewis

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