New Poem: January Light

January 2021 – the Dee estuary, Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston

I do not know precisely why

the world is so beautiful;

I only know that yesterday

with the sun setting over the

estuary lined by shadow and light

and the long slow waves of

sandpipers taking flight,

I began asking questions again

about the wealth we have all

around us - gold in every

stone and grain of sand -

and the notions of scarcity

with which we scare

ourselves and our children.

Who says that the world cannot

provide our wildest dreams?

Not the dreams of cashflow and

greed I mean, but the dreams

that begin in sleep, slowly,

and seep into body and bone,

the way the ocean drags her way home.

Who says that one dream achieved

on the other side of the world

means one less chance for you?

Dis-ease bred from comfort:

that is who says these things.

And perhaps there’s something in it.

But, on balance, all I can say

in return is,

the sun was as orange and hugely

glowing as an egg yolk cracked

open on the plate,

and the world deepened its wrinkles

as a face deepens in pleasure

the moment before the laugh

that comes rolling from the heart;

and, at the centre of it all

I saw you, your eyes,

and pale skin – more clearly and more

lovingly than in months;

and I was released

back to the world, by the world,

and knew myself rich.

- Charlotte Weber

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