'There's a bluebird in my heart

that wants to get out...'

- Charles Bukowski

About Bluebird Yoga

After years of attending yoga classes in hot studios and gyms, I finally felt I'd arrived in my own practice when I found embodied yoga. At the end of each class, I felt calmer, stronger, more agile - and, in some strange way, deeply moved.


From hotels in Bali to a community centre in Liverpool to online in a pandemic, I've found myself teaching yoga in all sorts of places. Most recently, I’ve been learning how to bring embodied yoga to a wider audience and make yoga come alive in the online world. Find out about my weekly online embodied yoga classes.


Bluebird Yoga represents the meeting of two worlds of embodied yoga and deep reading. By inviting words, images and poetic imagination into our yoga practice, we find new possibilities for the body and mind. I'm passionate about creating classes, workshops and spaces which are accessible to all and help us move more deeply in the world.

Bluebird Yoga-2_edited.png

When I'm not on the mat practising or curled up with a good book and cup of coffee, I'll most likely be found out walking (come rain or shine!), lighting candles and incense in the early morning, or in the kitchen cooking and listening to Lady Gaga.

Bluebird Yoga is a place to create, move, and grow. I'd love for you to join in and see where the language of the body, mind and soul will take you.